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Image of Bex Giant Family Mikado

Bex Giant Family Mikado

 This Giant Mikado garden game from Bex is the perfect family game. Mikado translated as 'pick up sticks' tests the player's skill at removing sticks from a pile, one at a time and without disturbing any of its neighbours. Each player takes it in turns...

Image of Bex Giant Family Yatzy

Bex Giant Family Yatzy

 This Giant Yatzy garden game from Bex is the perfect family game. Yatzy is a popluar Scandinavian dice game with the aim of the game to get as many points as possible. Made from birch wood, this game includes 5 dice, 1 A5 score paper, 1 storage tube,...

Image of Bex Giant Memory Game

Bex Giant Memory Game

This giant memory game is made from bamboo wood, it includes 10 pairs of lacquered squares (15x15x1cm) with animal illustrations, 1 cotton bag, rules and instructions.

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