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Image of Dunlopillo Diamond Latex Mattress, Medium Tension, Single

Dunlopillo Diamond Latex Mattress, Medium Tension, Single

Dunlopillo's Diamond mattresses have been carefully engineered to optimise ergonomic support within a specifically designed latex interior. Its multi density comfort core is arranged with seven targeted support zones that deliver a pioneering sleep experience. Its support derives from soft comfort zones that cushion your shoulders, hips and heels, and firmer support zones, which ensure that your spine stays correctly aligned in whichever position you lie in. Through its unrivalled elasticity, it provides instant pressure relief and encourages a healthy blood supply to your muscles, so that you awake feeling refreshed and revitalised. Dunlopillo's natural latex is derived from the sap of rubber trees grown in managed sustainable plantations around the world. One of the most eco friendly mattress fillings, latex rubber trees purify over 90 million tons of carbon dioxide a year. With inherent anti allergenic, anti bacterial and anti microbial properties, Dunlopillo latex instantly responds and adapts to individual profiles and movements, to offer a deeper support and more restful sleep. Latex's open cell structure is made up of millions of interconnecting microscopic air bubbles, which not only ensure a very supportive mattress, but also promote constant air circulation. Natural movement during the night helps to ventilate the mattress and keep the bed at a constant and comfortable temperature. Actipro™ technology is also found in the mattress fabric to provide natural protection against allergens, dust mites and odours, in order to keep your sleep environment clean and fresh feeling. Dunlopillo latex mattresses are designed to deliver long lasting performance by utilising a natural resilience to hold their shape and remain durable for years to come. Easily maintained and designed to make life simpler, Dunlopillo mattresses do not require turning. This mattress needs to be kept well ventilated; for this reason we recommend you pair it with a ventilated divan base or bed. Extend the life of your new mattress with a durable and breathable mattress protector. . Please note: We recommend you visit one of our shops and try out your mattress choice before ordering online. Not all our ranges are on display in our shops. For more information, please speak to a furniture Partner in store, or call 03452 661805 and we can tell you where the range you'd like to view is on display.

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